THE WORD, and reading out loud – WOW-ee

25 03 2013

Do you like to listen to someone reading? Yes of course you do. It is so soothing specially when you are about to be tucked in, and the voice you listen to slowly makes you drift of into the wonderful land of NOD.

I feel most honored as one of only over one hundred invitees to listen to a LIVE read by my dear friend Rebecca A Messenger from  her new book. WOW-ee. Her email arrived in my box, I always open hers, honestly, clicked through, got onto her Google plus page and YES of course YES, I want to be there together with some guests, gathered around me to be part of this very special momentum.

YES. And when I read the question whether Jezus had had past lives, I really became so excited that I wanted to shout out loud. I grinned too. Of course Jezus had past lives, of course. Also I once questioned that, or it sort of drifted my way whilst walking around in the Mystical Valley of Kaya Koyu when I first arrived here in 1992. I am still living in that valley by the way.

So much has happened since then, too much that actually had to do with Jezus and his dear mother Mary, and I am not even religious nor a Catholic. Jeez I kept saying to myself, what does all that have to do with me, with me just minding my own business. Go away, I said, just get out of my valley, my life, I am NOT interested.

But – it did not. It just kept going on and on. And long before I was working with a PC, had a mobile telephone, tablet, ebook-reader, had found the website, and subscribed to many many great EFT-ers, offering some of the most interesting stuff, from early 2006 until now. Rebecca then Marina I found, and at once, she is an interesting woman, always coming up with things that made me curious.

www, – the site once owned by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, well he has moved on, his first EFT masters have moved on, and also Rebecca went from strength to strength with next Saturday 30th March, 2013 reading a chapter from her new book. I am so curious. And of course I hope that the book shall become an overnight best-seller, on the New York list of best selling books, that Rebecca shall go and travel the world.

I said to Rebecca on several occasions – you should come and visit me here, where all this stuff really took place, where Jezus walked, where his mother Mary-s grave really exists in Ephysis, where GOD thundered and cracked the planet, where most of the Archangels continue to influence our lives. As a mystic, a psychic, a see-er, here is the place to collect all data – aka – THE VIBES to proceed with all that someone gifted with multi-sensoric abilities would want to add to his or her own valuable awareness-es.

Note, once I was at last able to be online, 2-2006, I checked out just about everything and everyone, who formerly I had been in touch with, whilst a health practitioner with a clinic in my own home city, lovely Amsterdam, and as a metaphysical student. Quotes from these, such as Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Chris Griscom, Louisa Hay – I would not ever want to use. I met them – as a keen student, they already well known and visiting Amsterdam presenting themselves through a purchased seminar ticket.

Wow, was I happy to check all of them out, look at their websites, see what they had been up to since I dropped of the map, moving to this part of the world. I did conclude though, and I apologize that I am writing this down – nothing really nothing NEW I found on their websites. About Carolyn Myss – she went to a lot of countries, but not to where the real mystical stuff exists, right where I have now lived for nearly 20 years. I found that disappointing, also rather strange.

Louisa Hay I have always liked, I still use her list of modalities A – Z illnesses and what can be said to do something yourself to improve your own well being. Hay House Radio became something I listened to with pleasure for a while, then once I had investigated that and some of the star speakers – OKAY – done. Nice but my life needs new fresh different impulses.

Chris Griscom, that really beautiful etherical creature, drifting in her snowwhite robes – wow what an interesting experience that became, still the same, still writing her books, however due to my domestic set-up with 8 cats, not a viable option for me at the moment to go and experience again.

And about the most knowledgeable Deepak Chopra, the book he wrote and I once bought and read – Quantum Healing, very very interesting, but a bit complicated unless you are a physicist, Einsteinian. However, it served its purpose, I found what I needed to become aware of – quarks and anti-quarks, and thoughts, and how that works, 1991, since then he has become rather well-known as a very spiritual person, however never underestimate his extensive MEDICAL knowledge together with the oldest healing medicine on the planet AYURVEDA.

Their quotes, as Rebecca mentioned – these are NOT yours, not mine either. The only quotes I really like or find impressive are those of PLATO and of Oscar Wilde, the latter-s actually are hilariously funny. So funny that I read them from time to time in order to remind myself of just how special the English, English language can be used.

I need funny ha-ha stuff in my life simply because that is what I love best. Stuff that makes you smile with love and pleasure, or remembering occasions, incidents. 

NOW, whilst I end this little piece of mine – all I have left of my day until I hit the sack – i.e. go to sleep on this Monday 25th March is only 2 hours, until midnight. And you know what – am I stupid – I just remembered that it is also someone-s birthday. The man who was born on that day in 1961 in Izmir Turkey, well would anyone believe me when I tell them – that ladies and gentlemen was JEZUS, alive and kicking once until he died in 2003 or was it 2004, I forget.

Of course I do not have any proof, do I? However I just knew, although it took me years to get to the bottom of all that, through vibrations. Once through all those years that I had the mis-fortune to know him, he made me laugh, that my dear Lord Jezus.  As I said, no proof, no proof at all, however I took it seriously just in case and did I learn something? Yes, oh yes, but only as the tip of the proverbial iceberg . There was much more to unravel, so I plodded on to once again get to the bottom of yet something else – mystical.

Some persons on our planet appear to have some karmic job to accomplish. Whatever it was that I had to do – I did it, and Jezus and many more interesting entities I encountered were only items on the Universe-s calendar or so it turned out for me.

Strange? Yes very peculiar. It leaves me now with only – ordinary daily chores and events to master and keep under control. Not at all boring or dreary, but once I have accomplished – enough is enough, I have become so finely tuned now that my entity then tells me – stop – enough. STRESS you see is the undoing of mankind and STRESS, once just a full page in my medical books, is my only illness to stop getting the better of me.

Now I am saying bye bye, also to my beloved grandchildren. It is their time on the planet now and that of all youngsters. They have to carry the flame, get into their own, create the best lives they can create.

And Rebecca, I just love to see and listen to how she shall present that chapter from her new book. All in a day-s work, metaphysical people are busy people, writing, talking, listening, on the phone, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, DIGESTING all these vibes, assimilating and getting rid of the waste.




For my Great Grandchildren

29 08 2012

Soon it is back to the grindstone, school, studying, and more exciting issues coming your way.
Also your brains need to be actived in: homework, chores, enough sleep and *before 12 in the evening* – well I learned those hours count double when it comes to feeling better as soon as you wake up. Breakfast: oh dear – what to eat? What is good and healthy *fuel* for that neglected master of your bodies? Coffee? Well, what do you think?
I just love my cuppa in the morning to be honest.
Cereals? Well, certainly NOT the muck that is being sold in supermarkets. How about a nice piece of toast, with nice Anchor butter? Your Granddad lived to the ripe old age of nearly 90 with such simple basic, good, old fashioned plain stuff.
I know, I know, *we don’t want to be old fashioned! However: Grandpapa was one of the World’s best Thinkers! Makes you think, does it not? Why do some of us wake up woolly headed, bad tempered and why can others begin the day *fresh* as a daisy*, before having breakfast already, I mean.
And that sweet ones is not that easy to understand, believe it.

So much online information is too complicated and besides: you just do not have much more *energy* to also begin studying *that*. Well, you are not the only ones, as if that is consolation and much help.

I agree!

Q.?. what shall we eat then? A.! Oh well: just eat what you like! In The Netherlands, where all of you live most of what you can buy has been grown first (grains) and on extremely healthy soil. Isn’t that a great bonus, being Dutch, living in The Netherlands and now knowing that what you can buy in our country is so very very *safe*.
Note: Of course some foods are imported, growing somewhere else first, even these are healthier than when they are sold in some other parts of the world. That has to do with EVERYTHING being exposed these days to extremely destructive radio activity. Lucky us, our cows produce safer milk as well, so all Dutch DAIRY products are healthier than you might think.
Of course, yes I know: FAT, well, buy 50% fat dairy products. Too much fat is definitely unhealthy.

However: do not *forget* that crisps, icecream, other stuff we just *love* to nibble on contains an awful lot of fat, sugar, salt and many more *hidden* baddies.
Oh yes, before I forget: start reading e-books on the best ebook Reader. I have a *Binatone* colour, better than Touchpad reading. The *Binatone* can be bought direct from shops only and then only so far in a few countries. Check is out at

Love you all.

For My Special Grandchildren

25 08 2012

for my special grandchildren





A very useful article I *stumbled upon*, and that I printed out, in order to *work with* as a *vibrational worker*.

Now several months later, the summer recess behind me, and working with my new WORDPRESS blog – YES – I am about ready to write and *SHARE* information that I feel is useful.

Others might stumble upon my blog searching for such information, and then I am happy when they can add such information to what they already know themselves, even begin putting some of it into practice.

I have just spent the last 25 years of my life *researching*, learning, and putting into practice what became possible for me to handle – emotionally, ego-istically – to name a few *undo-ers* of making progress as I had in MIND.

Every *hurdle* I took on, as I discovered, meets somehow, (from) somewhere with obstructions. Such unpleasantnesses did not stop me, far from it. It made me so *angry* = totally determined to continue and *get to the bottom* of a few things with the results , *for now*: yes I feel a lot better, and a lot better EQUIPPED – physically, to publish some of my real life experiences.

In 1987 I got my very first *physic* ?? message, out of the blue, for a man sitting next to me at an official dinner table, in HONG KONG (of all places). I shared it with him, most surprised, however *why not* I thought – but added:* I do not have any proof whether what I just *heard* is true and correct, so do with it what you like – do not hold it  against me.

Already in 1985 I began studying ORTHOMOLECULAR Medicine & Nutrition: everything you can do with Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, usually taken ORALLY. It works. The founder of this branch of Complementary Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) is Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling, who became and will remain one of my top heroes.


For information I always go to the Wikipedia first, now really one of the greatest sources of information on the planet.

For more specific info, of course go to other websites and eventually come to some sort of *overview*  yourself, and that you find helpfull, suits you best. (

I also use the searchengines of course, bless them Where would everyone be without these great global *darlings* to help us find what we want.


Now: what I wanted to introduce as a bit of important information, which honestly would not come up in the Wikipedia, and in the Searchengines – may be, albeit having to go through a lot of time consuming browsing.

Next: WHEN THE BRAIN DOES, SO GOES THE BRAİN: the article I quickly printed out, and it came to me through one company’s emails to me, where I clicked and so on. Just the information I most definitely WANTED to *have* with me, since having a brain is essential, and having a body too.

It appeared in the online news provider The Huffington Post = wel done, but not my newspaper to read daily. It lead me to clicking on the author’s website: – useful to *meet* and I combed that site fully, ending up with my own conclusions: useful to know about, but not for me to become focussed on.

However: do not let it stop you from checking this out yourself. For instance they invite you to take their *Brain Quiz*, which I did. That for me was absolutely USELESS. It leads the interested participant to all sort of bottles and capsules that can be purchased, but not to anything specifically earth shattering, as far as I am concerned. The organization that eventually *revealed* itself is located in the NEW YORK area, and when one lives there: well why not go and pay them a visit, see what they can do for you, and how much treatment might cost.

I live in the South of Turkey, do not have a Learjet to whip me across the Atlantic Ocean, nor do I even want to spend a fortune going through sound barriers London or Paris / New York arriving ahead of time with the fastest commercial airplane. And most other human beings do not, cannot decide off the cuff to get to *Pathmed* forthwith to be helped getting their BRAINS organized properly, *giving this a go* and see whether the treatments being promoted are effective and give fantastic results and health improvements.

But: I do want to THANK them for publishing their brief article. For me, as I mentioned: very useful to read, to *hold* and to work with.

Now: here is part of that article:


The body is known to react to many illnesses with a DOMINO effect, where small change can affect the workings of the entire body.

In most instances that first DOMINO falling is seen by some experts as a symptom of BRAIN Chemical Imbalance.

For example: aimple loss of production in the Brain Chemical  *DOPAMINE* can cause your FEELINGS of hostility and ANGER to increase.

As your STRESS levels go up, your CARDIAC status and Blood PRESSURE increase as well. Eventually you are so wound up that you begin to BURN off a second vital Brain Chemical *SEROTONIN*, which leads to INSOMNIA. At the same time, when Serotonin levels are LOW, your Carbohydrate CRAVINGS go *up*: you eat more and GAIN WEIGHT.

From this point, the SPIRAL  from OBESITY takes over, where your heart can become enlarged, your liver can become FATTY, which eventually may lead your body down to a path to a stroke or a heart attack…

Your Brain Chemistry is comprised of a unique combination of the brain chemicals:





*In brain medicine, symptoms and illnesses can be grouped into *families*, related to one of the above extremely important 4 (FOUR) brain chemicals.

*Effective treatments can also be *grouped* into families that address these (brain chemical) IMBALANCES.

*The key therefore to losing weight, gaining better HEALTH, and also ANTI-AGING is to *approach* your BRAIN and start dealing with its chemical DEFICIENCES.


*Total Brain Health begins with a proper DIET.

*Total Brain Health begins also with a proper LIFESTYLE.

*Total Brain Health begins also with a proper EXERCISE-program.


 When someone is *new* to health improvement(s), the above information alone can be too much to read, absorb. I am the first to acknowledge and agree.

However: today’s INTERNET possibilities are such that with the (key) words I typed out in capitals EVERYONE who is able to read, and  *listen* (by PC audio technology) a realistic start can be made.

I am writing this blog because I know – that it can be done. I also KNOW that this is a real major (quantum) leap forward. In fact in my opinion the best, real  *21st Century* methodical health improvement information that I personally have had the good fortune to clap my eyes on.


Note: There is a lot more to tell and write about, however my Brain and my Body, those real living 2 creatures just informed me that I have depleted my own FOUR biggies myself. Grinding the old mechanism up there, getting my words on paper half decently for instance together with all daily normal chores done, still to be done takes a lot out of me.

 As a reminder:


are the big four.


There is more to come, therefore if you like this information, check from time to time.

Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder



________________________________________________________________________________ = creating responsibilities

30 07 2012

My own .com is now in the Searchengines. It means: should anyone search for me by name: bingo + what appears definitely needs attention, MINE. Yes. As soon as the intensity of the summer heat slows down: it shall happen, a nice website just like *everybody* else on the planet now

Surprise, sursprise

16 07 2012

Well, whilst stumbling upon whatever in my Gmail account – eventually I found myself in my OWN WordPress account, something I opened when I was an online anxious & curious newby – really in another world as we have now, probably *from another planet*
I had tried throughout the years to *do* something through WordPress but it somehow never *materialized. Most likely my own ignorance and inability to make my WordPress online existence a fact.
I am a rather *nervous* creature not knowing how something works and then not having SOMEONE sitting next to me, encouring me, tutoring me- I lose courage.

Eventually I became that discouraged with being part of the WordPress community, that I just soldiered on with what I did have and was able to use online, such as of course Twitter. I always did like Twitter.


Last year, only because of my grandchildren I decided – oh well – if you cannot beat them, join them and opened my own Facebook account. I still have that and some of my nearest & dearest (family and relatives) are now listed either as *friends* or had take the trouble to acknowledge me as *family*.
Then: my only and much loved daughter Nicole Antje Holmes needed my urgent help. I am still IN MOURNING, she did not make it with the nastiest of nasty (brain tumors), inoperable and once I returned to my own place of residence in Southern Turkey – I sat down , in front of my PC and did not feel I would ever again able to do something, even what I basically LOVE doing best, even 24/7, working as a certified health practitioner.
I know, I knew: it takes time to get back to some normality after the worst – in my life – catastrophy but in the middle of such unimaginable sadness, my intense grief too – it just is not working!
I have gone through my days, each day as a new day, rather well, on my own also supporting my oldest very loved granddaughter RUBY HOLMES, her Mum died, my daughter died, worrying myself sick about that poor kid.

Meanwhile, now 7 months after being told that Nicole could not possibly survive (16.12.2011) – I shall never come to terms with it, however things particularly in the *online* world move on, change and since a few days I am getting extremely irritated that when I open my iGoogle page everything glaring at me is in Turkish.

Boy do I dislike this.

I am not a geek, PC technician such as the one who helps me occasionally keeping my PC going, in tip-top running shape, therefore *only little me* to see whether I myself can get out of whatever I feel is obstructing me, definitely hampering *my style*.
Going through my long lost first registered WordPress account: I do not believe this: I am actually IN my WordPress, even able to whip out *posts*.
I continued – not about to let go – ensuring that also I would be able to get into my account, such as having it in my own (sidebar) feed, creating a shortcut on my desktop and in a search engine *recovering* how oh how to land myself straight on my WordPress page.
Then as I did gain experience with: I clicked on a few dashboard bars, first of all *settings* and updated some information there.

And then: the most DARING jump so far: I even opened my own domain, went through the motions as indicated, paid, got things confirmed by email, all in a good days work so-to-say hoping that at long last that particular .com shall (eventually) come up in the searchengines.
Wow: just imagine it!

In the search engine space: *willyholmesspoelder* and as it should do I hope: appearing first. I have no way of knowing that, we have to wait/see, and if not: at least that has now BEEN TAKEN.

It is possible, I know that, just to annoy someone to buy a domain with any name one fancies.

Now, through WordPress facilities: I bought this domain, I paid for it and now I am the OWNER of that domain, with of course my own website to follow.

Big deal! I had waited and waited, doubting, doubting.

I could have bought this domain at all times through a good domain site, however once there – it just stayed there, owned by me without yet being able to work with it.
Now I hope that through WordPress I can take action in my own name, build the website with WordPress tools and facilities, even put a few buttons and links on it, leading to other online entrepreneurs either to recommend their products, as an affiliate, or just because I find what they *say* worthwhile to share.
Monday, 16th July, 2012 in sweltering South Turkey

THOUGHTS are LIVING creatures

16 07 2012

Thoughts are living creatures, either develope them in to sane humane words, and actions, or STOP thinking like an idiot

Willy Holmes-Spoelder

I am not that stupid, really.

I have a rather determined even up-to-date approach to 21st Century life.

I have been an onliner since 2/2006, tucked away in the outbacks of Turkey,

where from the moment I arrived here NOTHING was modern and up-to-date.

My life is within my own 4 walls, and that is good enough for me. From my OWN

home and online *office* I have the possibility to be part of a GLOBAL community

also online. That is *not* really *enough*. Far from it. I do like *face-to-face* approaches

however: where I reside as a Dutch citizen – I am just someone minding her own

business. Which means – everyday life as it comes, every day again.

Only when I really NEED to do something outside these 4 walls – I venture out. Why

do I want to expose myself to the (current) blistering heat and/or *outsiders*…

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Willy Holmes-Spoelder – her way

16 07 2012

I am not that stupid, really.

I have a rather determined even up-to-date approach to 21st Century life.

I have been an onliner since 2/2006, tucked away in the outbacks of Turkey,

where from the moment I arrived here NOTHING was modern and up-to-date.

My life is within my own 4 walls, and that is good enough for me. From my OWN

home and online *office* I have the possibility to be part of a GLOBAL community

also online. That is *not* really *enough*. Far from it. I do like *face-to-face* approaches

however: where I reside as a Dutch citizen – I am just someone minding her own

business. Which means – everyday life as it comes, every day again.

Only when I really NEED to do something outside these 4 walls – I venture out. Why

do I want to expose myself to the (current) blistering heat and/or *outsiders* with

whom I do not have anything in common? Not me – now.

However: once upon a time, in the part of my life when I was still in a (succesfull)

and international career: one has to mix and mingle with others. I even enjoyed it.

You see: I was paid to do a job (well) and a large part of that meant: COLLECTING

business contacts. Now: all I *have* to do: get through each day of my own good

life with at the end of that day: feelings of having done this successfully.

As a professional HEALTH expert with meanwhile 25 years of practical experience

and practising (what I preach), I really have enough to do, right here on the spot

where I live. Filling my pockets: ha-ha-ha, I do not have to work like that. I have

a regular income, I charge a fee for the services I render and until the last day that

I am *of sound mind* + physically fit – I am able and capable to WORK.

Such a state of affairs of course did not come because I kept praying to God or

thinking that that stupid Law of Attraction works – poppycock. One needs to have

a decent start in life, the best education available, level-headed tutors including

one’s own parents, and above all *a healthy mind – in a healthy body*.

People who are *in touch* with extra terrestial entities for instance actually SUFFER

from brain dysfuntions. And doing that for a living – and against enormous fees: is

prying on *lost souls*, who cannot, seem not to get their lives organized.

Muddle headed actions, people who do not seem to have their heads *screwed*

on properly irritate me enormously. I do not find it at all amusing too.

Anyway: this is a blog, which I can post it appears, so here it goes and enough

for one moment  in my daily life. Time = MONEY, every second of my life is

expensive, particularly the ones on a Monday MORNING.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder has said her bit.

Hello world!

6 08 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!