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Reason I am posting & asking: I find it quite INTERESTING! People from all walks of life post QUESTIONS, as the topic: WITHOUT ANY COMMERCIAL sidekicks!!🤓 Which I like and find very REFRESHING. Plus: people often write about their OWN … Continue reading

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Hyaluronic Acid: Dietary Sources, Benefits and More – HealthifyMe

https://www.healthifyme.com/blog/hyaluronic-acid-benefits/ ANTIAGING, being BEAUTIFUL, and so EASY to implement yourself. Good morning and have a great leasurely SUNDAY. Okay, you may have heard about HYALURONIC acid too. Modern times, advertisement (often on TV) about VERY EXPENSIVE S.K.I.N. creams, usually presented … Continue reading

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I hope Vladimir Putin shall stop what he is doing

Dear Mr. Putin, you have never heard of me, I suppose. However, I know that I speak for just about everyone living on our beautiful planet EARTH 😊😇🙏💗 Please STOP what you are doing. OKAY. This planet needs to get … Continue reading

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