E.D. or in full Erectile Dysfunction

6 04 2013

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For My Special Grandchildren

25 08 2012

for my special grandchildren





A very useful article I *stumbled upon*, and that I printed out, in order to *work with* as a *vibrational worker*.

Now several months later, the summer recess behind me, and working with my new WORDPRESS www.willyholmesspoelder.com blog – YES – I am about ready to write and *SHARE* information that I feel is useful.

Others might stumble upon my blog searching for such information, and then I am happy when they can add such information to what they already know themselves, even begin putting some of it into practice.

I have just spent the last 25 years of my life *researching*, learning, and putting into practice what became possible for me to handle – emotionally, ego-istically – to name a few *undo-ers* of making progress as I had in MIND.

Every *hurdle* I took on, as I discovered, meets somehow, (from) somewhere with obstructions. Such unpleasantnesses did not stop me, far from it. It made me so *angry* = totally determined to continue and *get to the bottom* of a few things with the results , *for now*: yes I feel a lot better, and a lot better EQUIPPED – physically, to publish some of my real life experiences.

In 1987 I got my very first *physic* ?? message, out of the blue, for a man sitting next to me at an official dinner table, in HONG KONG (of all places). I shared it with him, most surprised, however *why not* I thought – but added:* I do not have any proof whether what I just *heard* is true and correct, so do with it what you like – do not hold it  against me.

Already in 1985 I began studying ORTHOMOLECULAR Medicine & Nutrition: everything you can do with Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, usually taken ORALLY. It works. The founder of this branch of Complementary Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) is Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling, who became and will remain one of my top heroes.


For information I always go to the Wikipedia first, now really one of the greatest sources of information on the planet.

For more specific info, of course go to other websites and eventually come to some sort of *overview*  yourself, and that you find helpfull, suits you best. (www.wikipedia.org).

I also use the searchengines of course, bless them Where would everyone be without these great global *darlings* to help us find what we want.


Now: what I wanted to introduce as a bit of important information, which honestly would not come up in the Wikipedia, and in the Searchengines – may be, albeit having to go through a lot of time consuming browsing.

Next: WHEN THE BRAIN DOES, SO GOES THE BRAİN: the article I quickly printed out, and it came to me through one company’s emails to me, where I clicked and so on. Just the information I most definitely WANTED to *have* with me, since having a brain is essential, and having a body too.

It appeared in the online news provider The Huffington Post = wel done, but not my newspaper to read daily. It lead me to clicking on the author’s website: www.pathmed.com – useful to *meet* and I combed that site fully, ending up with my own conclusions: useful to know about, but not for me to become focussed on.

However: do not let it stop you from checking this out yourself. For instance they invite you to take their *Brain Quiz*, which I did. That for me was absolutely USELESS. It leads the interested participant to all sort of bottles and capsules that can be purchased, but not to anything specifically earth shattering, as far as I am concerned. The organization that eventually *revealed* itself is located in the NEW YORK area, and when one lives there: well why not go and pay them a visit, see what they can do for you, and how much treatment might cost.

I live in the South of Turkey, do not have a Learjet to whip me across the Atlantic Ocean, nor do I even want to spend a fortune going through sound barriers London or Paris / New York arriving ahead of time with the fastest commercial airplane. And most other human beings do not, cannot decide off the cuff to get to *Pathmed* forthwith to be helped getting their BRAINS organized properly, *giving this a go* and see whether the treatments being promoted are effective and give fantastic results and health improvements.

But: I do want to THANK them for publishing their brief article. For me, as I mentioned: very useful to read, to *hold* and to work with.

Now: here is part of that article:


The body is known to react to many illnesses with a DOMINO effect, where small change can affect the workings of the entire body.

In most instances that first DOMINO falling is seen by some experts as a symptom of BRAIN Chemical Imbalance.

For example: aimple loss of production in the Brain Chemical  *DOPAMINE* can cause your FEELINGS of hostility and ANGER to increase.

As your STRESS levels go up, your CARDIAC status and Blood PRESSURE increase as well. Eventually you are so wound up that you begin to BURN off a second vital Brain Chemical *SEROTONIN*, which leads to INSOMNIA. At the same time, when Serotonin levels are LOW, your Carbohydrate CRAVINGS go *up*: you eat more and GAIN WEIGHT.

From this point, the SPIRAL  from OBESITY takes over, where your heart can become enlarged, your liver can become FATTY, which eventually may lead your body down to a path to a stroke or a heart attack…

Your Brain Chemistry is comprised of a unique combination of the brain chemicals:





*In brain medicine, symptoms and illnesses can be grouped into *families*, related to one of the above extremely important 4 (FOUR) brain chemicals.

*Effective treatments can also be *grouped* into families that address these (brain chemical) IMBALANCES.

*The key therefore to losing weight, gaining better HEALTH, and also ANTI-AGING is to *approach* your BRAIN and start dealing with its chemical DEFICIENCES.


*Total Brain Health begins with a proper DIET.

*Total Brain Health begins also with a proper LIFESTYLE.

*Total Brain Health begins also with a proper EXERCISE-program.


 When someone is *new* to health improvement(s), the above information alone can be too much to read, absorb. I am the first to acknowledge and agree.

However: today’s INTERNET possibilities are such that with the (key) words I typed out in capitals EVERYONE who is able to read, and  *listen* (by PC audio technology) a realistic start can be made.

I am writing this blog because I know – that it can be done. I also KNOW that this is a real major (quantum) leap forward. In fact in my opinion the best, real  *21st Century* methodical health improvement information that I personally have had the good fortune to clap my eyes on.


Note: There is a lot more to tell and write about, however my Brain and my Body, those real living 2 creatures just informed me that I have depleted my own FOUR biggies myself. Grinding the old mechanism up there, getting my words on paper half decently for instance together with all daily normal chores done, still to be done takes a lot out of me.

 As a reminder:


are the big four.


There is more to come, therefore if you like this information, check from time to time.

Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder