Dr. Mayta Sickesz, founder ORTHOMANUAL MEDICINE, (8th January,1923 – 21st April, 2015)

12 09 2016

Dear doctor Sickesz: wherever your spirit may be: your bones appear to have been buried in  normal burial grounds, the cementary OUD EIK & DUINEN (Old Oak & Dunes) – The Hague – The Netherlands.

I am beginning an article about this unusual woman in a certain *charlatan* way, because throughout her life as the founder of this form of manual therapy – she really had to endure the most incredible, published in The Netherlands, FILTH. Particularly from someone who thrived well on getting articles about QUACKS published.
In fact, he composed a list with *The TWENTY most notorious QUACKS (in The Netherlands) of the 20th Century*.

Yesterday, I checked some issues online – stumbled upon some more interesting topics I was not really busy with, but they caught my attention. So I also stumbled on this particular TOP-20 QUACKS list.

I went through it, knew quite a few, by name only, however and YES: Dr Mayta Sickesz also on that list, and oh dear, that poor woman. This morning I discovered that she passed away last year, at 92. Not bad is my conclusion, considering all the STRESS she must have endured throughout her medical career.
The man, who took on this hate and slander campaign, the former chairman of the ANTI QUACKS (in The Netherlands) Association – also a retired gynaecologist, now just turned 70, and recently a knight of The Order Oranje Nassau: well done I reacted. Well done, what a miserable man he must be, I felt. Did his mother treat him badly, did he himself have an unfulfilled life I wondered.

Anyway: in a small country (The Netherlands) a small-minded man found an audience of equally small-minded persons enjoying slander in the news. Everyone reads it, discusses it, writes more about it , but WHO actually WENT and got him/herself TREATED by this GREAT searcher for better osteo-therapy and who developed her own techniques?

Dr. Mayta Sickesz was a great woman. And even if some say: there is no proof: she provided a service to patients with PAIN, because of neck/back/hip problems.

How do I know? Well: I had the great honour to be one of her earliest patients!!

It was NOT that I visited her for back trouble, no – at the time, early 1970’s she was the ONLY doctor in my hometown Amsterdam, who offered the so-called Dr. Simeon therapy TO LOSE WEIGHT. It was a new thing, and I wanted to lose weight, made an appointment, went through the 4 weeks daily injections PLUS the 500-calories diet AND absolutely NO fat, not even touching it (butter, slice of ham, face/body creams) = if you did: no weight-loss even gaining, the next day, standing on Dr. Sickesz’s to the gram-correct scale.

Dr. Sickesz also there: no hassles, no excuses, if you cannot adhere to what HAS to be done, yourself then please stop, do not come again & even a refund of money for visits not yet made. I trusted her. She was very strict to the point even of being *brusque* i.e. she did not take any verbal horse-manure from us, trying to find excuses.
At the time she lived, and had her practice in Amsterdam, Rubenstreet, off the Apollolaan, right opposite The Amsterdam Hiton. It was a typical classy old Amsterdam-South house. Her husband and her 2 children kept running around, I remember, but never in her treatment rooms.
Then one day: I discovered Dr. Sickesz was also doing something else: osteomanual medicine as it turned out and I wanted to know more about it. So she explained and then said: well if you are interested (and have backtroubles) then: shall we make an appointment?

I did, and then she sat me down on her massage-table, stood behind me : got a pen, began mumbling: here, there, that, started drawing on my back and after about ?? 20 minutes or so: OK: lie down, and then she began WORKING on the back and bones obviously. However before I wanted to lie down I asked her if she could please TELL me what she had discovered, She was so absorbed in what she had discovered, already way ahead in her THINKING & what she was going to do, that she *forgot* to tell. Ah yes, of course, sorry Mrs. Holmes, and explained briefly to me – an absolute novice – in clear normal Dutch what I had: it turned out to be a (double) scoliosis.
Wow I reacted, understanding what a scoliosis actually is plus what problems one can have, having one. All that made sense and she went ahead with the treatment, HER own osteomanual treatment techniques. I cannot remember how many I had, not more than 4 or 5, I think. Do I have to come back I asked: NO..this is it, unless of course I would have NEW problems, caused by NEW trauma’s or accidents. I paid cash (a no-longer existing *betaalcheque*) The fee per session.  was more than reasonable, or else I would have remembered.

In those days such therapies were NOT covered by any Dutch health insurance, and I had absolutely no problem paying out of my own pocket.
This was the early 1970’s.
In 1993 !! living in the South of The Netherlands for a while I went for a checkup, even had an MRI scan, fairly new then, I did have some complaints, my hip I think, and today I recall that I actually was asked to LOOK at  scan and röntgen-pix. The doctor (1993) showed me, pinpointing here and there: it turned out to be something *grown-together* 2nd/3rd NECK vertebrae. Oh, I said, focussed on the 1993 issues, but then, suddenly: hey doctor: do I have scoliosis?? The doctor: why ? and I explained the early 1970’s issue & treatments.   But NO, no scoliosis, definitely NO scoliosis.

Dr. Mayta Sickesz was WAY AHEAD of her time. Bless her. I would recommend The Dr. Sickesz Osteomanual Therapy  whole heartedly, should anyone ask my opinion. And I am happy that quite many similar therapists work according to her principles.

One day, but NOT probably even in this 21st Century the world shall KNOW more, even have PROOF about how INVASIVE energies CAN destroy someone’s health. And that just about everything goes through one’s bones, rather *should go* in order to stay physically strong and wholesome: well, it is NOT all, there is an awful lot more that needs ateention.

Dr. Mayta Sickesz was a great doctor and most certainly NOT a *quack*, as some nasty gynaecologist had the nerve to label her with.
Note: I noticed that her clinic in The Hague is continuing her work, even if I am right including her 2 children. Well done. And they are physio-therapists as well.
Physiotherapy is a highly respected profession in The Netherlands and officially regarded as a serious  university – level education of at least 4 years. (HBO = Higher Professional Education).

Oh yes & by the way: I moved out of The Netherlands fully in 1996, I am an official long-term resident now of TURKEY, still very very *Dutch*, however: no longer involved with the *petty* issues that keep Dutch people glued to their TV, PC’s, iPAD, Androids. Nor am I involved with similar stuff going on also in Turkey, in fact everywhere where people live and have 24 hours to spend.

I am an experienced metaphysician and in the eyes of a QUACK-hater/exposer like the Dutch retired gynaecologist: he would probably *hate* me enormously. Does he know, as an example, the definition of METAPHYSICS?? And if he does: does he know what it means to BE one? It would be the very first item on my list of topics to discuss, you see.

And once that then could be squared away I would WANT to know (about him): why did he decide to specialize as a gynaecologist? That really interests me belatedly, I must add. And why, after spending a few years in Africa *as a tropical doctor*, with a brief course in this at The Institute of Tropical Diseases, Amsterdam did he return to The Netherlands, so unhappy with Complimentary ALTERNATIVE Medicine?? Even labelling all classical homeopaths as Quacks?

I shall probably never know. To his credit I need to add: on his infamous list of the TOP twenty Dutch QUACKS of the 20th Century a few are listed also I agree with 100%: absolute creeps in my opinion.

But Dr. Mayta Sickesz does not belong on that list, nor Prof. Dr. James DEFARES!! whom I also met, as a client, at his clinic, Boerthaavelaan 7, Leiden.

Both were indeed *eccentric* by normal Dutch standards, but they KNEW some things that WORK.

Defares worked with the Prof. Niehans Cell therapy, and for a lot less than Niehans charged. He also treated patients with clogged up arteries with Chelation-therapy (EDTA), which at the time in The Netherlands was completely NOT known hence *suspect*, a topic for hate-publicity & slander. These days, as many enlightened persons know: chelation therapy works & can be considered the difference between life & death.

OK, I have many more interesting topics I am dealing with on a daily basis, which I know about, which I practise myself, but never again *preach*. The world wants excitement. Many Americans *love* Mr. Donald Trump to get elected, and I shudder.

And about gynaecologists I know a very very funny JOKE. A very very excellent INTERNIST Jewish doctor long time ago parted with to a small group of friends I included. We roared with laughter, despite all our own individual pains and trauma’s: we felt GOOD. The hate-campaign gynacologist would definitely NOT laugh, I am certain. No: the man’s facial features are such that I *diagnosed* him with *a collection of personality disorders* should I have the honour of being the diagnostician.

About myself: I recently mis-stepped, lost my balance, could not stop myself falling backward, a most unusual ecperience, as if I was pulled down magnetically. The earth shook, ha.ha. I was really shaken, went to the Emergency unit of the Governemnt (Devlet) hospital nearby – on my own – albeit driven by a companion. Xrays were taken: NOTHING was cracked or broken which really is AMAZING, at my age of 75 in my own opinion. I got some medication, and one week later I went to the #1 BRAIN-surgeon, had an MRI scan, diagnosis: a hernia between 4/5th lumbar.
Notice: no longer !!! a problem between 2/3 Neck Vertabrae !!
Brain surgeon prescribed NSAIDs, I am taking them faithfully, but I am planning, most definitely NOT forever. = I have a collection of the most beautiful natural medicine, such as herbs, spices, roots, phyto-serums and essential oils that I am sure of: I can work with to ALSO clear this current hip-problem.

STRESS  and TRAUMA are my topics. Also I have them to deal with on a 24/7 basis, exposed  to what goes on in the world. If only others would know more about that which I have learned to label as *invasive energies*, i.e. what one takes in, without being knowledgeable enough to *conquer*.

Today I am wondering: if I have at long last dealt with all of my own PAST trauma’s: is then also this lumbar issue *history*?? My body, nerves, cells have been my tutors now for nearly 30 years, so I am used to that.
However: I bless all normal medical doctors for their expertise, advise PLUS all modern 21st technologies and should I really *need* an operation to fix this OLD 4/5 lumbar vertebrae issue I shall have it, although I am not looking forward to getting anaestetics, and lying in a hospital bed, and what else before I can walk around again.

I am probably a bit scared and a stubborn woman, thinking that I can heal this myself as well. Don’t know yet, but in due course: should I be successful – it shows up in x-rays or another MRI scan for sure. It takes times, is all.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder – KAYA KOYU – Fethiye – TURKEY,

12th September, 2016, 18.30 TR (one hour later than in NL).