Willy Holmes-Spoelder, her most recent, updated, complete profile

2 04 2014
Rewiring my own brain

Rewiring my own brain


Dear reader,

I am adding a 4p. PDF document with my recently updated, and most complete personal profile.

The reasons:

1. I wished to bundle my own online profiles, that can be found on plenty of other websites. Some are not that bad, some *ughh* could be improved upon, some on *social sites* or still my own *active* blogs I cannot re-write because:…….

2. Recently the Turkish Government, its Prime Minister Mr. Erdohan, deemed it necessary to BLOCK all users in Turkey from using: TWITTER and YOU TUBE (2nd time). Also http://www.scribd.com has been blocked for years, and I did love to use, upload, download what is available there = check it out. Again suddenly, a few years back, for more than 1 year Turkey blocked all users in Turkey using Google’s BLOGGER.

3. In short: I am unable to update my own profiles as I see fit and necessary, restricted by political hindrances caused by the Turkish Government . Besides, all websites globally move on, improve their facilities, including WORDPRESS,  and to my own surprise: whatever I filled out once, buying a few ebooks from http://www.smashwords.com appears as #one in the searchengines = NOT  http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com, which I do not understand, nor do I have the time (today) to go find out. Therefore: the uploaded rather complete profile: who is Willy Holmes-Spoelder, what did/does/can she do and much more can be read, even downloaded & printed/saved. is right here on http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com.

Willy Holmes-Spoelder, Edited Profile LinkedIn, 2nd April, 2014.

Note 1: It is my intention to PROVIDE everyone with useful information: at NO CHARGE, right here on my own website. I do have a lot *to share*.
Note 2: ALLERGIES, specially FOOD allergies have become a global concern, at least some great researchers are – at last – beginning to focus on this issue and some information does get published now. However: although I understand, only because I have been busy with these issues now for over 25 years, the majority of all of us: pfff..where does one begin..how can I find out..what can I, myself do!! meanwhile *sensitive* to whatever, and worst of all NOT even knowing this.
Note 3: So: here I am, full steam ahead, with only 24 hours in one day myself.

Sincerely, Willy (Holmes-Spoelder)


E.D. or in full Erectile Dysfunction

6 04 2013

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Surprise, sursprise

16 07 2012

Well, whilst stumbling upon whatever in my Gmail account – eventually I found myself in my OWN WordPress account, something I opened when I was an online anxious & curious newby – really in another world as we have now, probably *from another planet*
I had tried throughout the years to *do* something through WordPress but it somehow never *materialized. Most likely my own ignorance and inability to make my WordPress online existence a fact.
I am a rather *nervous* creature not knowing how something works and then not having SOMEONE sitting next to me, encouring me, tutoring me- I lose courage.

Eventually I became that discouraged with being part of the WordPress community, that I just soldiered on with what I did have and was able to use online, such as of course Twitter. I always did like Twitter.


Last year, only because of my grandchildren I decided – oh well – if you cannot beat them, join them and opened my own Facebook account. I still have that and some of my nearest & dearest (family and relatives) are now listed either as *friends* or had take the trouble to acknowledge me as *family*.
Then: my only and much loved daughter Nicole Antje Holmes needed my urgent help. I am still IN MOURNING, she did not make it with the nastiest of nasty (brain tumors), inoperable and once I returned to my own place of residence in Southern Turkey – I sat down , in front of my PC and did not feel I would ever again able to do something, even what I basically LOVE doing best, even 24/7, working as a certified health practitioner.
I know, I knew: it takes time to get back to some normality after the worst – in my life – catastrophy but in the middle of such unimaginable sadness, my intense grief too – it just is not working!
I have gone through my days, each day as a new day, rather well, on my own also supporting my oldest very loved granddaughter RUBY HOLMES, her Mum died, my daughter died, worrying myself sick about that poor kid.

Meanwhile, now 7 months after being told that Nicole could not possibly survive (16.12.2011) – I shall never come to terms with it, however things particularly in the *online* world move on, change and since a few days I am getting extremely irritated that when I open my iGoogle page everything glaring at me is in Turkish.

Boy do I dislike this.

I am not a geek, PC technician such as the one who helps me occasionally keeping my PC going, in tip-top running shape, therefore *only little me* to see whether I myself can get out of whatever I feel is obstructing me, definitely hampering *my style*.
Going through my long lost first registered WordPress account: I do not believe this: I am actually IN my WordPress, even able to whip out *posts*.
I continued – not about to let go – ensuring that also I would be able to get into my account, such as having it in my own (sidebar) feed, creating a shortcut on my desktop and in a search engine *recovering* how oh how to land myself straight on my WordPress page.
Then as I did gain experience with: I clicked on a few dashboard bars, first of all *settings* and updated some information there.

And then: the most DARING jump so far: I even opened my own domain http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com, went through the motions as indicated, paid, got things confirmed by email, all in a good days work so-to-say hoping that at long last that particular .com shall (eventually) come up in the searchengines.
Wow: just imagine it!

In the search engine space: *willyholmesspoelder* and as it should do I hope:  http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com appearing first. I have no way of knowing that, we have to wait/see, and if not: at least that http://www.willyholmesspoelder.com has now BEEN TAKEN.

It is possible, I know that, just to annoy someone to buy a domain with any name one fancies.

Now, through WordPress facilities: I bought this domain, I paid for it and now I am the OWNER of that domain, with of course my own website to follow.

Big deal! I had waited and waited, doubting, doubting.

I could have bought this domain at all times through a good domain site, however once there – it just stayed there, owned by me without yet being able to work with it.
Now I hope that through WordPress I can take action in my own name, build the website with WordPress tools and facilities, even put a few buttons and links on it, leading to other online entrepreneurs either to recommend their products, as an affiliate, or just because I find what they *say* worthwhile to share.
Monday, 16th July, 2012 in sweltering South Turkey